Minutes of Safety Bay Windsurfing Club Special General Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:30pm

Sue Kneightly and Charles Parer, Di Clark, Simon Southern, John Kelly, Bob and Sandra Needham, Neil and Maureen Smith, Allan and Vickie Green, June Hill and Euan Harvey.

Michael Muller, Ian Clark, Bob Ward, Leonie Darman, Nick Shardlow, Graeme Watson, Morag Watson, Hossam Ismail, Richard Hunn, David Haggar, Marie Haggar, Joe Valesini, Paul Kelf, Ann Kelf, Kelly Udall, Rob McCaskie, Iain Clementson, Martin Clarke, Julie Radis, Tom Radis

Winding up of the club
The special general meeting was held at the Ocean Clipper Motel in Rockingham Chaired by the club secretary David Haggar. The purpose of the meeting was to vote on the proposed winding up of the club. The meeting was opened at 6:30 with apologies heard from members who could not attend. An email from Windsurfing West Australia was read out which invited members to continue in WWA and an offer to take over some of the club equipment.
In order to start proceeding a vote was taken on winding up of the club and the vote was unanimous in favour of winding up the club on the 30
th of June 2017.
Distribution of assets was then discussed commencing with the Trailer which was decided to transfer to WWA, if they required it. The large buoys will also be offered to WWA for use in Safety Bay If required. The Tandem board to WWA, the beginners board to WWA, the BBQ and portable Gazebos were to remain with social members to be held by Richard Hunn. All were in favour of these suggestions.
The club had at the time of the meeting a financial balance $3788.66. This balance would be diminished by the cost of the meeting and dinner but will still leave a substantial amount of funds in our account. This item was discussed with many suggestions being made including passing the money to Windsurfing WA, donation to Princess Margaret Hospital, donation to Safety bay yacht club and donation to Sea Rescue Rockingham. The final decision was made to have another meeting and a XMAS dinner in June where we would decide upon the final allocation of the funds.
Communication between members was then discussed with the Facebook page and email to be the preferred medium. Richard Hunn agreed to update the website as we had already paid for 2 years and also send out any emails as needed. Anyone and everyone can post events on our Facebook page.
Ann mentioned you may get an email from WWA about your safety bay fees just ignore this. She has put stops into place but some may slip through the gap. If joining WWA please contact them direct.
The club would like to thank every member for their continued support and for everyone’s help in promoting our club and sport, on volunteering for events and committee positions. We hope to still keep running social events and see you all at the bay
Meeting closed at 7:15pm