Final Annual Meeting SBWC 2017

The 2017 AGM was held at Allan Greens Residence 39 Janet Road safety Bay on Saturday 8th of April 2017 at 6:30 pm.
The following members were present
Paul and Ann Kelf, Kelly Udall, Allan and Vickie Green, Sandra and Bob Needham, Marie and David Haggar, Bob Ward, Martin Clarke, Ian Clark, Richard and Lexa Hunn, Tom and Julie Radis, Graham and Morag Watson, Hossam Ismail,
Apologies from John Kelly
Allan Green chaired the meeting and prior to the opening of the meeting asked the members on their view of the continuance of the club in its present format. Many issues were discussed including insurance, the cost of joining WWA which is $90 per annum. It was noted that if people wanted to enter events such as the ledge to Lancelin race an insurance cover was available for $25 on the day paid to WWA. A vote was called for by Allan and the majority of members voted in favour of winding up the club in its present format.
The AGM was then officially commenced at 6:40 pm. Anne Harris passed out the treasurers report and detailed the costs etc throughout the year. The current balance of the club was $3788.96. The treasurers report was accepted by all.
The first Agenda item discussed was how the current assets could be disposed of. It was decided the trailer was of no value due to its current condition and would be disposed of at the tip and the plates returned. The buoys etc could be donated to WWA, the beginner board could be retained amongst the current members for further use. It was suggested that the money at hand could be used for a wind up function of members, donated to charity or donated to WWA. Further investigation will be required to ascertain the correct disposal of assets.
The second item was a date to wind up the club and it was decided that the 30th of June would be the best date.
All current serving committee members were happy to continue until the 30th of June and agreed by all to be the easiest option.
Many thanks were given to Richard for his work this season as the social organiser. All other committee members were also thanked for their efforts this season.
The meeting was brought to a close at 7:15 pm and a great meal and a few drinks were enjoyed by many.
David Haggar (SBWC Secretary)